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sophia classroom


Fully Air cooled classrooms has been provided for ambivalent environment for teaching-learning.
CC TV & latest technology have been provided in the rooms for better control and supervision.

sophia library


The School will set up a modern library which will provide all the reference material and other necessary books catering to the needs of the students and teachers. Our reading room will subscribe for all important newspapers and magazines in order to provide suitable reading material to all.

The library will be enriched step by step according to a time bound programme by adding to it a rich variety of new books/CD's/reference material each year.

Computer & Internet Facility

Computer & Internet Facility

The School will set up a full fledged computer centre with broadband connectivity to impart computer and Internet training to all its students. Training in the use of Internet is part of the regular schedule and curriculum, and conducted by trained teachers. Students will be given hands-on experience in the use of Internet right from Class I. Each student will work independently on separate computer.

sophia Medical Care

Medical Care

School takes every care to presue first wealth of the students. For students so for the hygeinic conditions are must. The school regularly observes the health of the students. They are got examined by the specialist time to time. The school maintains the permanent first aid facility.

sophia Sports & Games

Sports & Games

Sports being an important aspect of education, the school has engaged a sports academy which will provide training through expert coaches for all the indoor and outdoor games according to the varying needs of the children of different age groups. There are spacious playgrounds for major games like football, hockey cricket and volleyball and well maintained courts for badminton. Inter class tournaments will be held every year in a well organized manner in order to create a spirit of healthy competition among the children.

Tours & Treks

Tours & Treks

Tours and treks an integral part of a public school life, will be compulsory for all the students. Places of educational and historical importance all over the country will be visited by the students every year as per schedule

sophia school transport

School Transport

A fleet of buses is maintained by the school to widen its area of functioning. Children from adjoining areas travel to & fro by the buses.