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About Sophia Public School.

Sophia is an English Medium, Co-Educational, Senior Secondary Level school which strives to meet the challenging needs of providing comprehensive quality education to develop the various facets of child’s personality. The school was launched in 1998 at Kankroli. In 2002, the school was shifted in a newly constructed spacious building having healthy environment, provides liberal and ideal education to both boys and girls regardless of caste, creed or community.

  • Establishment - 1998
  • Managed by - Mahamaya Dadhimati Education Extension Society, Udaipur
  • President - Mr. Jagdish Chandra Sharma
  • Vice-President - Mr. Ashutosh Sharma
  • Principal - Mrs. Jyotsna Dadheech
  • Manager - Mr. Saleem Khan Pathan
  • Vice-Principal - Mr. Javed Hameed Sheikh
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‘Sophia Public School’ endeavors to achieve excellence in the delivery of skill based quality education in pre-primiry to secondary by building shared vision, adopting functional deployment, decentralized working, data based monitoring, continual improvement & commitment for the growth of its human resources years after years to match the need of the school & society at national & international level.


Sophia Public School is not only a school, but also a dream to build a new world woven with delicate threads of love, affection, care, concern, attention and empathy. Homely environment genuine warmth is visible, even the construction of building is not on traditional pattern, soft colors, lovely lawn, blossoming flowers, and an affectionate smile on the teacher’s lips to develop the feeling of belongingness among the students. An amazing balance between the management; staff and the students to promote and encourage the child from his inner self to do his best .This is the real education.

Mrs. Jyotsna Dadheech
Sophia Public School


As an educator, my professional roadmap has always instructed me to work from a place of high standards, high expectations and excellence. The Sophia’s team is dedicated to the same standards for multi-ethnic students. We are obligated to always expect our students can achieve at high academic levels.

We do this by encouraging students to raise the bar and set high expectations for themselves. Often our students internalize the societal messages that tell them they are not capable, intelligent and worthy of empowering academic support. It is imperative that we demystify and deconstruct these outdated and nefarious socially constructed notions of academic capabilities and intellectual capacities.

We methodically and purposefully provide outreach, academic support and a climate that encourage the self-empowerment of students. As a result, we reinforce the successful assessment, retention, academic success and recognition of multi-talented students at Sophia Public School. As a team, Sophia is prepared to honor, serve and provide resources to all students with high expectations, standards and excellence.

Mr. Saleem Khan Pathan
Sophia Public School